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The Great Human Nation – Charity

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 The Great Human Nation – Charity

I look at society and I see what we, “The Great Human Nation,” are creating.

In this article, I want to address how our ego is manipulating the idea of charity as a means to increase its presence in each and every soul on the planet. This part goes out to those who give “charity” with the desire to be recognized, those who require that their names be publicized as a reminder to every soul that they were so generous and as such, should be honored and revered by others. These people are using “charity” to feed their greed – they are not helping for the sake of helping others, they are helping for their own sake and for their own needs of being worshipped.

“Charity” is also used by us humans in such a way that we give but also desire to control exactly where our charity goes; this “charity” is given conditionally. “I am not giving money to that person because look at him, he says he has no money and yet he smokes and drinks.” These humans are attributing so much value to money that they say, “I am not wasting my money on that type of person.” They are putting the value of their money above the kindness behind the act of giving. Slowly, these people are monetizing their emotions to the point that the money itself becomes more important than just being able to enjoy life, and more than that, the ability to love.

picture for charityThen there are those that give “charity” out of obligation, because they are not willing to deal with their own guilt. They would rather give than punish themselves with the heaviness of such emotions. Yet they carry the discomfort of giving something that they do not even want to give.

My dear ones reading these lines, “charity” should be given blindly, without expectations or demands, just as Mother Earth gives to us in silence, without wanting to take credit for anything, and yet still claiming her wonders. “Charity” should be given without the heaviness of obligation, but rather, with grace. Every human on the planet should naturally be able to give. Look around, see what is natural on this planet. Earth is constantly giving us food, oxygen, water, and shelter; when we humans created disease, Earth gave us medicine.

“Charity” should be given without the needs to be superior for doing so. The Earth teaches us that there is a natural equality amongst all beings, amongst all things. There is no Earth without water, oxygen, minerals, and so on. There is no one of these things without the other, and none is more important than the rest – one cannot exist without the other. There is no Earth without the Sun and the Moon, and these objects are not even contained within Earth, yet they are giving to us, showing us that it is natural to give, even to those that are not part of your community. Earth is teaching us that you should always give with care and with abundance; look around at how Earth abundantly provides us with all that we require, without restrictions, because it cares.

And because I care, my dear ones, I am putting forth so much time and effort to share this knowledge with you, all of which you can find abundantly right here on my blog. For those who are wanting to evolve, there should no longer be the excuse of the knowledge not being accessible because of a lack of money. Rather, the excuse is now that we are simply not choosing to evolve.


This and all my articles and work are being done with the intention of creating a better world. PLEASE SHARE

Carolina Zacaria & Spiritual Healing Sounds




Spiritual Comment About the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis in the Middle East

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Spiritual Comment About the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis in the Middle East

Today, it is almost like there is a dark cloud weighing down on my heart, a great sadness hovering over everyone, even those who do not feel it. It is there. How can it not be when, once again, the human race is choosing hatred over love.

The events in the Middle East are a reminder for every human on the planet of just how far away we still are from the ways of love. Brothers and sisters of all ages are killing one another, hating one another, while each side believes themselves to be the right one. For those unable to see their connection to these events, either because they are neither Jewish nor Muslim, Israeli nor Palestinian, remove these labels. Remove these names. What are you left with? Humans.

I invite you to search throughout history and find the times in which the religions you follow have persecuted and killed others the very same way, thinking themselves to be the right ones. Just look back in history to the times when the political situations in your country have driven people to hate their very own brothers and sisters. This is our behavior. Find those situations so that you can see that what is happening in the Middle East has happened throughout history with other groups as well. The feeling of them being the only ones will dissipate from your mind and you will see its connection to all of humanity. Even if we are not the one killing, we all still carry that fault inside of us for what is happening, for we are all one.


If this is not enough for you to see your participation in the current events of the world, I don’t know how or why you shouldn’t have ejemploisraelcompassion for what is being done by our human nation. Compassion should exist within every human being, and it should show, especially when events like these are happening everywhere in the world. I am going to use an example with the intention of offering to you an opportunity to understand our interconnectedness. I came across this picture on Facebook (see the image on the side). Immediately my heart sank from the understanding rising within me, the understanding that even in times of crisis in the world, we are incapable of holding collective compassion, rather we emphasize and care for our own individuality instead – this picture is proof of it.

The person who created this picture is posting only what he or she cares about, without seeing the big picture. Jews are posting things that favor their group, Muslims are posting what favors them, and the other religious communities are criticizing the insanity of these two groups without sitting to evaluate their own shit. Every group thinks that they are the right one, the ones who hold the ultimate truth, and they do so with so much ego and pride, so far away from compassion. It is not about countries, it is about the world. We are not just Americans or Venezuelans or Israelis or Palestinians – we are children of the Earth.

Don’t you see, my dear ones, what greed and selfishness have created in the world? Look at the pain in the faces of these children, forget their names, the color of their skin, their religious backgrounds —can you imagine the fear and the emotions that this generation has to deal

israelbleedingwith? They will forever be traumatized, feeding within themselves hatred that will eventually spray and touch every soul on the planet. To the person that created this picture, I say to you this: As long as the world remains as it is, your world will always look like Detroit. Where is your compassion, dear brother or sister? How, in this time of grieving in our human nation, can you sit there and point fingers, criticizing only about money, when your brothers and sisters are dying?

These events keep happening in the world for many reasons, but the reason I am going to point out for you right here, right now, is the one that is hiding beneath all the rest. It is the one that we can only see when we go out of our own individuality and start to see the collective.

We continue on with our needs to be the only ones holding the truth, our self-centered ways of living in which we only care about our own group and not the collective. This is happening not only in the Middle East, but all around Earth. My dear one, you are not disconnected from this event — so long as you are wanting to be right, you are feeding this event in the world. Even if you are not killing anyone, take a look around, see your life and how you relate to others. Do you argue when someone is in disagreement with your opinions? Do you get irritated when someone has a different opinion than you?  in trying to prove your point, do you raise your voice and get upset? Do you, in your conversations with friends, always want to show them what you have, the titles you have, how much money you have?

Do you, my dear ones, look for others to see how good you are and how much better you are than others? If you do, then the only difference here is that you are not bombing and killing others. Nonetheless, you are holding this energy in your life and for that reason, you are contributing to the events happening right before our eyes. I know that only the ones mature enough in the ways of love are able to truly understand my words. My intention is not to convert you to the way, it is merely to aid you. The world will be a better place one person at a time, and that person begins with us.

The events in the world are weighing heavily on me and so long as there is a soul on the planet choosing the ways of darkness, then I am choosing that too. My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters in the Middle East, for my eyes see no color, no religion, no land that divides you from me. Before my eyes, all that I see is the suffering. My prayer is for humanity to one day be able to awaken to the ways of love.


Carolina Zacaria & Spiritual Healing Sounds

This and all my articles and work are being done with the intention of creating a better world. PLEASE SHARE



Uncovering our human limitations 2

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“For those reading these lines, believing themselves to be the victim to those manipulating energy with the intention of harming others, I am here to tell you to fear no more. As long as you emanate a higher vibration, these energies are powerless over you.” – Carolina Zacaria

Alas, the question remains: How?

How can we elevate our vibration high enough so as to not fall victim to these very energies that we own? How can envy not harm us if we, too, are capable of holding ourselves as envious? My dear ones, as long as we are participating in these energies, we are capable of falling victim to them. The first step is to recognize what we are doing.

I see it all the time, when I talk to others, as well as when I stop to be the witness of my own thoughts. I remember, a few years My tribe1finalago, I thought that I was incapable of holding envy within myself. I even said it out loud, “I can hold everything but envy within me.” Then one night, a friend of mine had a beautiful sound healing group and I decided to assist her with it. While I was sitting there, so many people started coming in and I felt an uncomfortable emotion arising within me. As I stopped for a moment and went within to check what it was, I realized that what I was feeling was none other than envy itself.

I started to sweat and felt a chilling sensation as I recognized this very feeling within myself. There I was, for the first time in my life, able to see my own feelings so clearly, so vividly. I was looking at my friend’s success in comparison to my own, I was comparing the amount of people attending her group to the very few that came to mine. After all, all I wanted was to bring more people together to experience my work.

Once I was able to own this energy, each time I felt it, I saw it and would initiate a dialogue with myself. “Why do I have to be envious? Why can’t I just use the success of others as motivation, as a role model for me to achieve what I am wanting but don’t yet have?” I realized that this is one of the reasons why envy is so strong; we feel impotent in not having what we want, especially when seeing someone else have it.

You may now be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with our limitations?” Well, my dear ones, a lot. As long as we remain blind to our ego, we will never be able to transcend it. As long as we are choosing just to see, judge, and criticize others, we will never be able to see ourselves. The only way for us to not be affected by the envy, jealousy, and resentment of others is for us to move away from these energies altogether, in other words, to no longer own these energies within ourselves.

I invite you to be brutally honest with yourself in uncovering your ego. Seek to find the witness. Be the one that goes beyond, so that you too can overcome your limitations. You will experience how this, by itself, will start you on the process of enlightenment. But remember, this is not easy. The ego is very sneaky, it hides in the illusion and, many times, we are unable to see it. If that is the case, then my suggestion to you is to first see it in others. Look around, look at the person you criticize the most and see what it is that you feel. If you feel intense rage, find out why that is. Perhaps it is envy, or maybe fear. Uncovering the reason as to why your feelings toward another are so strong will help you to uncover your limitations, your illusions, and ultimately, your ego.

If all of us make the initiative to do this, we will be creating a much better world. In the process of uncovering our ego, we will discover our true self, our soul, the witness beyond the ego. And this will be the beginning of our journey of empowerment, where every soul on the planet will be able to claim its power. We must take responsibility for what we are choosing to create; this is an important step forward in our evolution. It will allow us to understand that everything in our lives is our creation, and as such, we can always make changes.

How is it that we can claim our power by uncovering our egos? It is very simple, for it is, that as long as we remain asleep, blindly invested in our ego’s needs, our souls are not in control of our physical lives. It is as if every soul on the planet is choosing to experience this life in a state of deep sleep, a state in which the soul is blind and the ego remains in control without us even being aware of it. We do not see it.

And how can we expect to create a better world by uncovering our egos? This, too, my dear ones, is simple. By uncovering the ego, we discover the soul, the aspect of self that is in alignment with the great I Am, the eternal source of love, respect, and consideration for the self and others. So it is, that when every soul on the planet awakens to this knowing, we will be living Heaven on Earth.


To be continued…


Carolina Zacaria & Spiritual Healing Sounds

This and all my articles and work are being done with the intention of creating a better world. PLEASE SHARE



Uncovering the Limitations of Our Human Race

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Uncovering the Limitations of Our Human Race

” I seek to understand and walk the Way, so that i do not lose sight of it. The way is not complex, nor is it hidden from anyone.People just choose to ignore it”

The Tao Te Ching 

stage ofIn our human progress, you can see how each stage of growth has standards not only in terms of physiological guidelines — such as potty training — but cognitive guidelines as well. These guidelines help us evaluate whether or not someone is successfully achieving growth in their life. This fact is no different when we apply it to the concept of soul development — what we call progress is indeed a part of everything, a natural cause of all things in every way possible.


I invite you to look back in history and see the progress of humanity. Scientifically, look around and you will see our advancement in so many different areas: men in space, sophisticated weapons, vaccines, cures for disease, even the capacity to impregnate an ovule outside of the body without the need for sexual interaction.

Technologically, I am blown away every time we come out with new inventions that are compact and yet capable of so much. We have mastered the art of revolutionizing size and efficiency.

And yet, all of this progress appears outside of us, even though I must admit that our behavior has evolved greatly compared with the Middle Ages. It is in the development of our capacities as humans on our walk on Earth that I see us failing the most — our natural capacities as human beings.

As you might already know, research has shown that we are currently only using roughly 3% of our brains. This is astonishing because previously it had been believed that we use only 10% of our brain, and even that was hard to digest. Now they are saying we use even less than that, that we use only 3% of our brain and that makes me realize just how delayed we are in our progress.

I now see that our social advances are probably more advanced than our own personal capacities, and that is a very sad understanding to me. It is even sadder for me to realize that people are directing their understanding of our brain’s capacity towards the limitations of the mind, and that is why I am writing this article today. I am writing this with the intention to share with you one aspect of our brain that we are not yet choosing to utilize, and not only are we not using it, but we are diminishing the importance of it in our progress altogether.

When many people hear the word “psychic” or “medium,” they laugh about it — they have no respect whatsoever for the people out there who attribute these words with their lives. Many hear these words and go to a place of fear, fear that has been engraved in us through our faith or religious backgrounds. Many religions forbid the use of what they call and label as “magic.” To me, the words “psychic” and “medium” merely represent a concept defined by the use of energy. Perhaps now, in these times, we will have a better opportunity to grow into this understanding with the development of quantum physics.

Through my personal experience with medium and psychic abilities, I have come to understand that these light bowlcapacities, contrary to what many people think, are not limited to just a few special people in the world. My needs to be special will have to be fulfilled in some other arena, because I know that every soul in this human experience is capable of attaining these things. The only difference may be the way they do it and the information they receive. Nonetheless, everyone that walks the human path is capable of doing so, yet we continue not to, for many reasons, the most prevalent one being fear.


Our spiritual leaders have decreed that it is forbidden, that in the eyes of God it is an abomination, to use this aspect of our humanity. But it is good to kill, to persecute, to violate those using what they declared as witchcraft in the past. I wonder how killing our brothers and sisters, judging them, and walking way from them, can be good in the eyes of God when the use of our capacities is not. I know that there are those out there who know how to manipulate energy and are choosing to harm others through the use of black magic and the like, and I know that this misuse of energy has serious consequences for those using it, but it is no different from those choosing to kill and violate others. The universe functions in a very perfect manner, and it is true that, “What goes around, comes around.”

” No one can understand the way unless they have pure hearts” Buddah/ The Dhammapada

For those reading these lines, believing themselves to be the victim to those manipulating energy in this way, I am here to tell you to fear no more. As long as you emanate a higher vibration, these energies are powerless over you. Whether you believe it or not, in order for you to be affected by any energy, you need to be a part of that energy. So it is that those putting spells on others out of envy, resentment, and jealousy, can only impact you if you, too, are holding these very energies within yourself. Those in alignment with the ways of love are not a match for these energies, they will be unable to harm you. Just as you cannot use your phone charger from America when you are in Europe — the frequencies do not align.

We need to evolve and change our lives from these lower vibration emotions into love, respect, and consideration towards others so that we may align to an energy that cannot be harmed — the energy of God.

This statement also applies to the development of psychic and medium-ship abilities. If you are already using and practicing your own capacities, if your life is a mess and you are not walking your talk, and even worse, if your talk is not in alignment with the principles of love, you will never be able to evolve your skills to the maximum; you will always remain thinking that where you are is the highest point that you can go, when it is not, and this will be the subject of your illusion.

I see all the time how so many out there are teaching fear to others by saying that there are negative forces that can harm them, encouraging them to be victims when they could instead be empowering them. These people preach the use of amulets for protection, red strings around their wrists, black stones, and so much more. They teach techniques to protect one’s self such as visualizing a mirror that repels negative forces or picturing a bubble around one’s self to protect from negativity. This only feeds into the understanding that we are not God-like but rather vulnerable beings, fomenting fears that hold all of humanity away from our progress.

amuletosIf you are still choosing to believe that you are powerless, I want to remind you that God created us humans in his image. He created us as the creators of our own realities. As such creators, we can create an energy that emanates light so that no darkness can penetrate it without also becoming light. It is your choice. I respect your choice so much that if you so desire, I encourage you not to read any more of these articles. If you do not want to go beyond your limits, if you do not want to take responsibility for your power, then stop reading my work now. My work is to remind you of your power, not to take it away from you.

On the other hand, if you are choosing to embrace a different perspective, a different point of view, then I encourage you to continue on, to keep reading what I have to say.

I invite you to continue to read this new series of articles, “Uncovering the Limitations of Our Human Race,” in which I will share with you a perspective that will help you align with your own empowerment.

It is time for us humans to finally be able to progress in our development and utilize at least the 10% of our ourselves that we are capable of.

To be continued…


Carolina Zacaria & Spiritual Healing Sounds

This and all my articles and work are being done with the intention of creating a better world. PLEASE SHARE



Mount Shasta – Three Steps to Heaven

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A Victim… No More!. My True Story of How I Went From Being Abuse To Be Empower.


Mount Shasta – Three Steps to Heaven

20130609_175730I remember about four years ago, when I first started to research spiritual places on Earth, I kept coming across the name Mount Shasta. The more information I discovered online, the more humor I found in what I was reading – all of these crazy histories about Lemuria, vortexes of energy, and activation of a higher consciousness on Earth. The person I was back then, searching for the universal truth, laughed hysterically seeing all of the crazy things that people from around the metaphysical world were posting online and talking about.

“What?” I thought, “Vortexes, gateways on Earth, energy portals? A place where you can achieve a connection with different dimensions, really?” It seemed so odd to me that people would spend money on these things. I really thought that’s what it was all about, just people trying to sell things.

Back then, never in my wildest dream would I have imagined that I would be here writing this series of articles that explains how, along my spiritual journey of life, God or the universe or whatever you want to call it, drove me to be at this place called Mount Shasta.

Before I share my experience about Mount Shasta, I want to first narrate the accounts of my previous travels to different places on Earth in which I felt a very strong connection, with many miracles arising in each.

The first experience I recall that I had no rational explanation for, happened about ten years ago when my now ex-husband and I decided to go and visit the holy land of Israel. I was living a life of dogma, blindly following what I thought were the only teachings of that which I call God.

About thirty minutes before landing in Tel Aviv, a pain started to build in my head, more specifically, in the region of my third eye chakra. By the time we landed, the flight attendants were running around looking for a doctor, ready to send me to a local hospital; the pain was so strong that I thought I was about to have a stroke. The thought of even opening my eyes seemed to be impossible. I cried out in pain, holding on to my head, thinking of the possibility of actually dying from this experience.

At this time, I was carrying my baby but my husband had to completely take over. I literally could not function, it felt like my brain was about to explode – the pain was unbearable. All of this madness lasted until we landed and then magically, it was all over. I was so embarrassed by what happened that I faked still having some pain and so transitioned slowly to being better so that people wouldn’t think I was crazy. What happened felt like an explosion, and then boom, nothing. No more pain. No blood. No dying. I felt like a brand new person.

My fear of being seen as a crazy person really drove me to act like I was still in pain and I didn’t even pay attention to the experience. I felt the most powerful pain I had ever experienced before, I was scared to die, and I didn’t even question what had happened. When I came back to America, I decided to get an MRI and do some blood tests to confirm that everything was okay with me, and surprisingly, it was.

Once we got off the plane, I had such a strong desire to hug that foreign land and kiss it, and that is exactly what I did. It wasn’t even something I related to in any of the histories I read in the Torah or New Testament, I didn’t even think about that. This act of honoring the land came organically from my heart as soon as I stepped foot on the ground. It was almost as if my body automatically collapsed and all I could do was kiss this land – a land I had never been to before.

Soon after, we found ourselves driving on our way to Jerusalem, the old city, the time change had left us with only a few hours to see the city on that day, so we rushed to get to the Western Wall or Kotel, as the Israeli people called it.

It was Friday night, the beginning of the Shabbat for the Jewish people. We found a parking spot and as israelweisrael were walking, I was amazed to see so many people walking around. I saw kids playing outside by themselves, laughing and having fun. It was so weird to see them like that, showing no signs of fear at all. I was thinking about all of the news about bombs and attacks in Israel and it made me realize how capable we humans are of adapting to everything in life, always striving to find happiness and laughter in every situation.

As we continued walking, I remember feeling a very strong bond to the land, almost like I had walked these streets before. I looked down and saw an image of sandals on my feet, and not only that, but I felt like I was a man. I couldn’t really appreciate or understand what I was feeling since I, as Carolina Zacaria, had never been on that land before. How was it possible that I was having all of these feelings?

Once we got to the Western Wall, authorities had found a backpack and quickly started to evacuate the area so they could examine it. I was stunned to see how everyone there knew exactly what to do; there was an inspiring sense of friendship and community to watch over one another that was hard to ignore. It was sad to witness the possibility of someone having put a bomb in a backpack to hurt others, but I was able to see how this situation can also bring people together and bring out the best in everyone.

It turned out that someone had merely forgotten their backpack and there was no real threat, so soon after everyone went back to their own lives, praying in front of the wall. I stood there, observing almost everything, feeling the age of the walls that were surrounding me. The sun started to set and I was about to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever experienced in my life. As the sun descends upon Jerusalem, it is easy to see what this city is called the Golden City – the sun illuminated all of the stones upon which this city was built. It was truly a magnificent experience to witness.

On our way to the hotel we had to stop because a Bedouin was crossing the street with his camel. As I watched him, I was able to travel in time, almost with a feeling of reminiscing about something I had done before. I discarded the feeling immediately, knowing that I had never been there before. I was unable to understand at that time in my life that perhaps, at some point in the history of my spirit, I was in this land experiencing many different things, and that maybe all I was doing was remembering these experiences.

The next day, we toured through the old city and came across a Muslim neighborhood. As I was looking at it, I heard this strange sound announcing that it was time to pray. From the distance, you could see how everyone, even those in the middle of the street, stopped what they were doing and bowed down to the pray to the God that they honored so much. My soul chilled with so many emotions – a sense of understanding the depth of the respect that this nation has for what they believe, and the understanding that perhaps they were, not only figuratively, but literally putting God before them each time they prayed. They didn’t second-guess what they were doing, they just stopped everything right then and there and bowed down to honor their creator.

Our next destination was Tzfat, a wonderful, mystic city that, back in those days, I knew nothing about, but I could feel it. The energy of this city was so different than that of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem – I could feel the lightness of this place. I soon learned that Tzfat is a city of artists and home to the ancient study of Kabbalah. I didn’t have a clue what that was but I felt it – I felt at home as I was walking the streets. I realized that many houses there were also art galleries, and at that time in my life, I was painting quite often, so I went in to admire the work of others. I went into one gallery that had a room with a 20-foot tall canvas that was being worked on by a local artist. I was amazed by the colors and size of this piece. I started talking to the artist and he began to interrogate me with every possible question you could imagine. I was annoyed by it but afterwards, my husband explained that he needed to do that because anybody could just come in and kill him at any time. At that point, I further valued the conversation we shared, knowing that the artist trusted me enough to share painting tips with me to improve my skills.

My emotions were out of control. I was so touched by this land and not because of what I knew of it, not because it is the religious capital of the world or the holy land as many call it, but because of the energy of it. After this trip, I was truly a changed person.

To be continued…


Carolina Zacaria & Spiritual Healing Sounds

This and all my articles and work are being done with the intention of creating a better world. PLEASE SHARE

Answers for Existential Questions

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Answers for Existential Questions

Along the path of my spiritual sharing, I have been fortunate enough to express so many things through social media and my followers have, in turn, been asking many good questions. Now, right here on this blog, I wanted to share with you all my answers to these existential questions.

Hello Ms Carolina I’m seeking to find an explanation for the following question can you please tell me what you think envy is? and why or how anyone might get carried away because of it?

envyThere are so many angles to discuss in regards to the complexity of envy. One angle could be interpreted as when the self sees the abundance of the other and wishes itself to have better than the other. Another angle of envy can be seen as envy reflected towards the self, in terms of what the self is lacking. It tells the self “You do not have this,” but on a deeper level, you can see that the energy that hurts the self the most is the realization, the knowing, that the self doesn’t have what it is seeing, and because of this, it derives a sense of being insufficient, a feeling of failure. It is translated by the individual in ways such as, “See, you are not as good as you thought after all.” This envy arises along with the presence of self-judgement and anger, and this is why envy is so strong, because it combines many emotions in just one word. Envy is the mirror of the things that the self is lacking.

The reason why the individual, or the self, is unable to stop being carried away by the envy, is because the individual, or the self, is unable to see it. The consciousness of the individual is unable to see that it is envy, to recognize it. Many go through envy without even understanding that that is what they’re going through. For those individuals that are not able to understand that what they’re doing or going through is envy or rage, by not recognizing it, they empower more and more what they are wanting, or what they don’t have, depending on the way that they decide to use this energy . Seeing the lack can be of benefit to the individual when this recipient utilizes what is being seen as an inspiration, a motivation, to obtain what they are wanting. They are utilizing the envy energy as an empowerment tool to propel in the progress of material things in the human form.But for many, what happens is that they are digging more and more into their misery, creating almost like a wall that stops them from progress, leaving them in more lack, more lack, and more lack.

So next time you are experiencing envy, understand that all that is happening is that the emotion is showing you what you do not have but are wanting. Moving away from envy towards others and admiring what they have instead will allow you to more quickly manifest that very thing that you are envious of.

That was quite an explanation Ms Carolina, I’d like to understand more about the envy which gets triggered by “the self”, maybe I’m wrong and even tho it’s a process, aren’t we all born with sufficient whatever the self needs to live, so then why do we turn against ourselves along the process of our life?

Wow, I have to admit that I am impressed by the profundity of your inquiry.

No, you are not wrong, because in every cell, where there is the light of the creator, there is the ability to be the creators and providers of all that we are wanting. What happens is that somehow, when we decided to come to this reality, one of the choices that we have made in this reincarnation process is to forget.  The moment that we open our eyes in every life cycle, and as we grow older, we engage in a game in which, as the years go by, we start to forget more and more that we are one, and that the power of the creator, that God that we insistingly keep seeking outside of us, is within.

I truly feel, and this is just my point of view, I am not claiming to be the holder of the ultimate truth since I already know that there is no such thing, because the truth is relative to where we are seeing our reality from, that what is happening is almost like we humans have a disconnect with our souls. Our souls are the real us, the essence with which we truly can maintain an outgoing communication with the Source. Us HUMANS keep insisting in choosing to live our physical experience utilizing our minds, and our minds are limited in understanding the universal way of the TAO (GOD). So for those souls that are seeking to know themselves, that are insisting in looking within to activate the light of the creator, they know and embrace the fact that everything that they are wanting can be possible, they know that they deserve it – how can they not if they are creators as well? These souls know that the God that everyone is looking for, as if it is outside of them, is within, and as such, they too are God. So it is that everything that you see, whether it is animate or inanimate, is God as well, because God is everywhere and it is everything, and as such, TAO (GOD) deserves abundance, joy, peace, and harmony. Unfortunately, what happens is not that we don’t have the capacity to create, what happens is that we don’t remember and even worse, we collectively keep choosing to remain asleep, unable to remember.

It is because of this that we elevate our prayers to a source outside of us, thinking that someone or something else has the power of creation and not us. We keep choosing to manifest by accident instead of doing it in a conscious way, and at times, we feel powerless and frustrated, tired of waiting for things to manifest. We throw ourselves into emotions that propel us farther away from remembering; these emotions – fear, sadness, frustration – lead us into a lower vibrational frequency that is not in resonance with the GOD we know, the one known by so many names.

So now, my dear, my answer to you is this – what will you choose from now on, to remain asleep or to seek to be awake? I think that you questioning life the way you are will lead you into the opportunity to awaken, but know that even though you can find the answers out there, anywhere you go, you must also search within – seek for the knowing, not for the answers of life. Namaste

Is it possible to hug an angel or would their wings get in the way?angel

There are many ways to answer this question. I can tell you that, from my mind’s perception and understanding, which is limited in nature, yes, if you try to hug an angel, their wings might get in the way. But I want to take the opportunity to go deeper with this answer and share with you that it is my understanding that the concepts that we have about angels and spirits, in general, have been created with the limitation of our physical mind. In our limitations, we insist on putting appearances to spirits because it relates with our understanding of life and so we create the image of angels in a human form but with wings. Of course we needed to put the wings on so we could distinguish this more evolved energy from one that is walking Earth in the process of reincarnation.

What I am trying to convey to you is the understanding that when it comes to us understanding different realities beyond the three dimensional plane, approaching these realities with the same frame of understanding that we use in this reality creates a very big limitation on our experience. I encourage you to think about angels as a different energy force that has a different vibrational frequency than we have in a human form. The best way to experience this force, which will translate to you as hugging angels, would just be to be open yourself and feel it, to shift yourself away from your mind and feel what an angel feels like, that way you can understand what it is to be able to hug an angel.

So I really want to believe in this medium, psychic, energy stuff but I’m still a crystalBall1little skeptical. I guess I’m asking, how can I change that? And do you think it’s possible to reconcile those things with a religion like Christianity?

Before I start my answer I want to thank you for your wonderful questions.

I know that there are many very connected people out there who can truly retrieve so many details about a loved one that is no longer here, as well as information about you that you will be very surprised to hear about. But I also know that there are others that try to take advantage of people and lie to them in order to get their money.

I understand your skeptical nature because I am like that too, and I think that it is very healthy because, unfortunately, there are people out there who do try to take advantage of others by saying they can do something that they can’t.
This medium and psychic stuff as you are calling it, has been present in our world for eons. Take a look at the Bible or the Torah, even the Koran and other religious books, in almost every single one of them you will be able to find many people that have psychic and mediumship abilities. Take Abraham for example, he was in constant communication with the other side and, as they describe in the Bible or Torah, he talked to angels and even to god. All the kings had advisers and these advisers were channeling messages from the others side so they were able to make predictions about futures events.

King David was able to know through his psychic abilities that the woman he used to see and desire so much would be his, but he couldn’t wait for that to happen and sent her husband to war to be killed in order to accelerate the process, for which he was later punished.  Muhammad (Muslim prophet) and Bahá’u’lláh (Bahai prophet) were able to achieve their knowledge by accessing to their psychic and mediumship abilities. Even in traditional Chinese medicine, they use their connection to the other side to bring knowledge to the world and as you can see, it is imprinted throughout our history.

What happens is that we attribute all of this to only a few, when we all should know that is something we all can do. I think that the best way for you to really believe in psychics and mediums is by doing it yourself; start claiming and cultivating these abilities that we all have but very few use. 

Perhaps what needs to be done for us to be able to reconcile religion with this aspect of ourselves is just to read these books and recognize what they are teaching us, instead of just reading them and blindly following without understanding them.

The proof is written all throughout them, with so many examples of ongoing communication with the other side. 

I want to tell you that psychics and mediums are not just about talking to someone that we knew and is not alive anymore or about seeing someone’s future, it is about being connected and capable of having communication with other realities besides this 3D plane. It is the ability to communicate with source and understand the universal truths by ourselves, without an intermediary.

The majority of people just stay within the basic understanding of what this is and attribute this capacity to few when we are all capable of doing it.

You get so many questions and answers them all so sweetly. I hope you can answer mine. It’s easy to love your body when you’re pretty. When everyone kindly tells you so. I hate my breasts. They are very small. When I’m with a boy I rarely remove my bra. I’ve seen the look boys give me. I’ve heard comments from other girls. How I look like a girl not a women. I can’t afford surgery. But I feel like it’s my one option. I hate how this one body part makes me ugly.

love ur bodyFirst of all, I want to thank you for trusting me enough to ask such an important and personal question. I really love when people ask me questions, I love what I do and as such, I always go out of my way to answer to everyone.

I have to tell you that I also have very small breasts and I used to feel so insecure about them. As I was reflecting upon the reasons why I felt this way, I was able to understand how my feelings were related to our socials standards of beauty. Women are placed under so much pressure these days, look around, at the media and the magazines, and see the type of women that they are putting out there to define the lines of beauty: big breasts/butts, straight hair, beautiful faces, and thin just to mention few. And we, the average girls that look at these magazines and media, we think that we have to configure ourselves to these standards that have been imposed by few, that may not even be how many others see beauty.

I invite you to go to a mall and sit down just to look at all the people that pass by, see them with objective eyes, all the couples that pass by. Look at the women and also the men, look at their physical appearance, you will be able to see that you might find many beautiful woman with not so attractive men and vice versa. Also look at the size of their breasts, perhaps you will also be able to find many small-breasted women that have been able to establish a relationship. And overall, look around and see that this idea of beauty that we have in our mind is so not what reality is; beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

From a sexual perspective, the way I learned not only to cope with my breasts but to love them is by realizing how much feeling I have in my breasts, when we women have our breasts stimulated, our sexual experience takes to a completely different level, it truly allows us to have an orgasm over and over again. So I changed my understanding about my breasts from limiting myself to the way they look to valuing them not only because they are healthy, but because they are tools for me to enjoy my sexual experience. Since I changed my perspective, slowly I was able to see the beauty of my breasts and by doing so, I now present them to my partner with honor and sexuality in a way that even makes it more desirable.I truly believe that it is not the way they look but how you wear them that makes the difference

. Overall my dear, I know that before anybody else can see our beauty, we must see first see it for ourselves. Restructuring your standards of beauty will help you to also see how beautiful they are and how blessed you are by having them. I hope I could help you in some way. Namaste

Do u answer questions on sexuality and religion?

This is a very complex question because it contains the notion of separation from which we, the human peace typography religion christianity islam judaism ying yang coexist satanism 1920x1200 wallpap_www.artwallpaperhi.com_28nation, are choosing to live our lives. It contains our judgments, our inability to hear someone else’s opinions without condemning them. When it comes to different topics that are not only important in our society, but a part of it, many people choose not to give their opinion in public because they are afraid of people’s reactions; they are afraid of the way other people will judge whatever it is that they are saying.

What communication really means is to be able to hear someone else’s opinion and have an equal opportunity to share one’s own opinion in response, for the sake of sharing. Instead, we share our opinions with a goal in mind; it is as if the other person is supposed to just listen anxiously and wait their turn to answer so that they can push their own opinion back onto us. When we listen to people speak, we judge them, we judge their point of view and this judgment leads us into viewing their perspective as false… just because what they think is different from what we think, and of course what we think is the only truth to us. 
When someone finishes telling us their point of view, we take over and express our own, but we don’t only express it, we push it upon them; we want to convert them to see what we see as truth, disrespecting their point of view and creating an argument.

When we, the human nation, will be able to understand what communication really means… communication, it’s just that. You say “I hear you,” I say “you heard me.” What we normally do is hear and judge; we insist to prove that we are right. Not only that, we try to convert others to our own way of thinking. The day that humanity understands that “you hear me, I heard you,” is indeed communication, there will be no more world wars.

So now the answer to your question is yes. Yes, because I understand that you are asking me and I am responding and I hope you will truly hear what I have to say. Yes, because I know that I have the right to express my opinions and point of view and I know that they may not be true to others, but they are true to me. Namaste.

Hi Carolina! Can one attract a specific person through the law of attraction?

law-of-attraction-post Hi my dear, I want to begin this response by reminding you that in this dimension that we call life, we are subject to a very powerful element otherwise known as free will. So when you are directing your focus in intentionally attracting one specific person, that particular person has to be in alignment with your desires in order for you to be able to truly manifest a relationship that is meaningful and real.

And let’s say that this person accepts you merely because of the intensity of your focus… if this person doesn’t really want you the way you want them to, this relationship will eventually come to an end. What I am trying to convey to you here it is that in order for you to truly manifest a real, meaningful relationship with the person that you are wanting, that person needs to want what you are wanting as well. Let’s say that in this particular case, this person is not interested in you the way that you are wanting this person to be. It is likely that the relationship will not manifest in this case, my dear one.

You are using the power of the law of attraction the wrong way; it is not that this law does not work, it is that you are using it the wrong way. It is my understanding that the correct way to use the law of attraction in this particular case would be for you to understand the qualities that you are seeing in this particular person that you are attracted to, understanding everything that you like about this person, from the physical aspects to personality and energy… and this is where you are going to put your focus for manifestation.

This way you are saying loud and clear to the universe that this is the type of person that you are wanting and that you are ready for it… always saying that you are open for one even better than that one because this way you don’t limit yourself to just get what you are wanting. If the universe knows and is wanting to give more because you deserve it, then you will see that this person will come into your life in perfect balance with the universe.

Wanting to be with one particular person oftentimes limits us from finding the person that is meant to be in our lives. I hope this could serve you in manifesting not only what you are wanting, but what you deserve… and what you deserve is the best because you are god and so am I. God is everyone because god is everywhere and is everything. Namaste

What do you say about the what if?

For me to be able to answer this question, I am going to break it down into past, present, and future… Swirl1-fwknowing that I believe that we should always be present!! When we use “what if” for something in the past, we hold ourselves in the present with feelings of guilt and even anxiety over an event that we cannot change since it has already occurred… what if I did or I didn’t do this or that, what if I went to that or I didn’t. “What if” should not be used for the past simply because it does not contribute to our peace. Instead, we can evaluate the way we made our decision so that we can understand how to proceed with future decisions in such a way that we are secure with our decision regardless of the outcome, good or not… we can then hold the consequences of our decisions without shame or regret because we were already secure with what we desired. This way we can learn from our past experiences. “What if” in the present could be the thing that holds us on to making a “right” or a “wrong” decision, but many times when we use “what if” in the present moment, this question fills us up with fears and denies us from taking leaps in our lives. So, to me, it is better to use the evaluation process of what could or could not happen as a consequence of our decisions and ultimate tap in to how we feel. What we really feel should be the deciding factor in what we do, so that we can just do it knowing that, yes, those “what ifs” may be possible scenarios of the outcome but still, they are just that possibilities. And let’s be honest, there are infinite possibilities for each different possible decision and at the end, it all comes down to just making a choice and allowing the experience to happen knowing that we can always make the best of whatever happens… or we can make the worst; it is always our choice.

So “what if” in the present, evaluating about the future, is a question that could allow fear to arise if we fail to remember that whatever we can possibly think is just that, a possibility. We will never know what will happen until we do it!!

What do you do when you love someone that doesn’t love you back and you can literally feel it tearing you up inside and making you feel like a crazy person??

love Love is not the one that creates feelings of obsession, frustration, sadness… love is free and gentle. It wants the best for the person we love, even if that person is not with us. What we experience when we love is our needs… and we call it love. Our needs to be with that person so badly, our needs to control them and want them to be with us even if they are with someone else.

So separate the two of them and understand and work on your needs, so you can still enjoy the beauty of knowing what loving unconditionally is all about… and to be able to diminish your ego force, which we all have. In order for us to be able to find peace, we must understand these forces. It may help also help you to read my article The Way of Love Vs. The Way We Love so you can have a better understanding about this and you can find the peace you need.

This and all my article and work is being done with the intention of creating a better world

Carolina Zacaria
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